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Although Piper isn't new at Live Urban Real Estate, she is currently writing her bio and answering all the questions below. Can't wait to read her answers? Just give her a call!

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Where do you LIVE?
I live in Inspiration Point Estates (Berkley,Regis). I dig the views. I grew up in Boulder and I need the mountains close, to know which way is West.

Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?
I love helping homes find their people! I love helping people find their future!

What Music Is Currently In Your iPod?
I don't have an iPod. I am old school. I've always listened to a lot of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones. Currently I've been groovin’ to Maroon 5, Paulo Nutini, and Taylor Swift. (Her hooks keeps locking onto my brain waves, and they won't let go!)

What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?
ASF (Angelman's Syndrome Foundation) my niece has Angelman's. It's a syndrome that effects the 15th chromosome. Angels don't speak or walk. It's incredibly humbling and reminds me every day that the gifts we all have, should not be not be taken for granted. My little brother and his wife are my heroes. Macy Jane is our Angel. I also support HSUS (the Humane Society of the United States). I love animals!! I can not believe people would ever be cruel or abandon them, but they are and they do. The Humane Society ROCKS.

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?
La Cocinita on 29th, between Yates and Xavier. It's a family owned Mexican diner. I've been going there for over 20 years, even when I didn't live in Denver! It's inexpensive, consistently good, low key, family owned and has a great patio. Love it.